ChickTech: High School is a free, hands-on program created to show high school girls that engineering can be fun and exciting! We’ve created a comprehensive year-long program introducing 100 students to technology, the great things you can create with it, and related careers.

ChickTech: High School in Corvallis includes a yearlong series of workshops. It begins with a weekend-long event for all 100 high schoolers to spark their interest in technology careers. The workshops are all hands-on and interactive. Workshop themes include robotics, web programming, gaming, and building computers. After this event, participants have the opportunity to go to regular workshops throughout the year.

All workshops are hands-on and project-based so that students come out of each with a sense of accomplishment and a burst of confidence. Our program is free to participants!

The kickoff event will be November 17, 2018. Stay in touch to be notified about the event.

Potential Participants

Are you a high schooler in the Corvallis area? Are you interested in learning new tech skills and finding out if tech is something you’d like to do when you graduate? Registration for the June event is now open! Registration is first come, first serve, and no experience is actually preferred! If you’re not sure you’ll like it, don’t worry, you don’t have to come to any other events after the first one.

Registration is open to all genders.

High School Teachers

We’ll be working with local high schools and organizations to get nominations for this program. If you’re a high school teacher and would like to make sure your school is on the list of schools we connect with, please email us at We generally pull from 8-12 schools, with each school being allowed to nominate up to 15 girls. Please email us for the nomination criteria!

ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3.