• 03 Feb

    2018: Virtual Reality Workshop and Open House

    • 09:00:00
    • Ashbrook School, Corvallis

    In partnership with the Corvallis Public Library and Ashbrook School, ChickTech will host a VR workshop in which participants will learn about how virtual reality works and experim... [Read More]

  • 16 Sep

    2017: CodeGirl Movie Screening

    • 13:30
    • Corvallis Public Library

    ChickTech is partnering with the Corvallis Public Library to show the movie CodeGirl on Saturday September 16th from 1:30-3:30 pm. CodeGirl is a 2015 Documentary about high sch... [Read More]

  • 28 March

    2017: Virtual Reality Workshop

    • 9:00
    • Hood River Community College

    We helped out with a Virtual Reality workshop and Tech Fair at Hood River Community College. The workshop was led by Juntos, a group at Oregon State University that works to empow... [Read More]

  • 24 June

    2017: Kick-off Event

    • 08:00
    • Oregon State University

    We held our kickoff event on June 24 at HP in Corvallis. This event will include hands-on workshops for young women from local high schools and a tech show to complete the weekend... [Read More]

  • 30 April

    2016: Entrepreneurship Workshop

    • 10:00
    • Valley Library, Oregon State University

    Take Home Item: A business plan and pitch deck. Overview: This workshop discusses the format of a successful business plan and gives guidance approaches to developing a plan that ... [Read More]

  • 23 March

    2016: Virtual Reality Workshop

    • 09:00
    • Columbia Gorge Community College, The Dalles, Oregon

    ChickTech Corvallis is going to Hood River in cooperation with the Juntos program to teach a Virtual Reality workshop. We also taught science and electronics concepts using things ... [Read More]

  • 20 Feb

    2016: Light and Optics Workshop

    • 09:30
    • Linus Pauling Science Center, Oregon State University

    Take Home Item: A laser pointer. You will wire up a light emitting diode (LED) and customize your laser pointer casing. Overview: Light is all around us, whether you’re getting a... [Read More]

  • 14 Nov

    2015: Kick-off Event

    • 09:00
    • Oregon State University

    View photos of the event here! ChickTech: High School is a free, hands-on program created to show high school girls that engineering can be fun and exciting! We’ve created a comp... [Read More]

  • 23 Aug

    2014: Kick-off Event

    • 08:30
    • Oregon State University

    View photos of the event here! We had 6 workshops at Oregon State where the participants create a hardware or software project in one of our workshops. All workshops are hands-on ... [Read More]

  • 09 Nov

    2013: Exploration Day

    • 07:45
    • Oregon State University

    View photos of the event here! We ran a 1-day Exploration Day on November 9, 2013.  We pulled from 17 high schools around Corvallis, including as far away as Triangle Lake, Newpor... [Read More]

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