Laurel Hopkins

Chapter Co-Lead

Laurel is currently a second-year graduate student at OSU pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Her research involves exploring machine learning methods for species distribution modelling. Laurel graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BS in Electrical Engineering and worked as a hardware designer for four years at Inogen Inc. Her work focused on product design involving all aspects of the design cycle – from theoretical design all the way through manufacturing. Her exposure to firmware development during her time at Inogen inspired her to pursue an advanced degree in CS. In her free time, Laurel enjoys outdoor activities (backpacking, camping, hiking etc.) and enjoys practicing yoga.

Catherine Stevens

Chapter Co-Lead

Catherine is a web designer at a web agency in Corvallis. Her focus is on implementing web designs on client websites and redesigns. She has been with ChickTech for 2 years and prior to being co-program manager she led the Web Design workshop.  She enjoys learning new CSS web design tricks and spends time baking, knitting and biking.

Annie Lei

Annie is a fourth-year computer science major and Honors College student at Oregon State University. In addition to her work with ChickTech, she is currently working on her honors thesis and her major-related senior capstone project. Her past work experience includes waitressing at a sushi belt, TAing for undergraduate computer science courses, contributing to projects at the OSU Open Source Lab, and interning at ScaleFT. Her interests outside of school and ChickTech include art, music, history and fiction.

Margaret Mellinger

Margaret has volunteered with ChickTech Corvallis since 2014 and loves to see girls connect with tech. She is currently head of Emerging Technologies & Services at Oregon State University Libraries, where she has worked since 2003.

Gina Phipps

Communications Coordinator

Gina is a senior at Oregon State University, and is currently in the middle of finishing up their Bachelor’s in Computer Science.  Before coming to OSU, Gina finished both their high school diploma and Associate’s of Arts of Oregon Transfer degree at Chemeketa Community College.  They currently work IT at OSU, and previously did IT and aided GED classes at Chemeketa.  Gina is passionate about education and technology.  In their spare time, they read fiction, swim, play the violin, and play video games.

Vee Narayanan

Vedanth Narayanan (who goes by Vee) graduated from Oregon State in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He is currently working to get his Master’s in Systems Security in Computer Science. He previously worked for McAfee, Intel Corp., and OSU’s Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS). While he loves being in front of his computer, he is also grateful for the time away from it. During these times you will find him running, hiking, playing ultimate Frisbee or volleyball, at the Oregon coast, or cooking dinner with jazz playing in the background. An avid photographer, his camera is almost always less than ten feet from him. Although his comfort lies in landscape photography, he has recently taken an interest in portraits and lifestyle.

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